Friday, September 9, 2011

A faith strengthening week!

The view from one of the house sites

 Well it's been a very emotional rollercoaster this week and one that really has shown us the Jehovah is looking after us. First of all about the land - the Vendor of the last property called us back and said we could have the property for $11k - well ok we thought we would still  do it, so Mark went off to get the papers for it and took them to the lawyer. However we were not very happy that he was upping the price and were unsure it was all totally the right land to persue. Anyway the Brother who was helping us rang and arranged to come an pick us up again today because he had found something better for us. So we went for a look-see and as you can see from the photo - it really is beautiful. If we buy it, it will be helping the vendor (he is a witness too) because he has just learned he has cancer and is very worried for his children if the worst thing happens (his youngest is only 4 years old). He only put this property on the market this week, so let's hope it all works out for both our sakes.

One thing that has been worrying me a little is that if we buy the land we are virtually sinking all our living money into it so we knew we would have to get a job as soon as possible. Well once again the unbelievable happened - we have received a job offer - to look after this very beautiful house on the coast! It will only take 2 days a week to care for it so it will not interfere with our primary objective - teaching the  only solution to the worlds problems. Coincidence? I think not!

While it will be sad to leave Cuenca and we will miss it and our life here - the opportunity really is too good to miss.We will be getting paid as well as free rent, utilities, internet etc. So we start in November, which gives us time to get the visa, and break it gently to our congo that we are leaving.

The kids are going to stay here in Cuenca - Amanda needs to stay with her Chinese group and Aaron will look after her of course. An amazing thing happened for her too this week - she had signed up to teach english to chinese people by the internet and got her first student. When he found out what she does here in Ecuador, he asked if one lesson per week could be a bible lesson! AHH YES!!! Isn't that awesome?

As I say - Jehovah really is showing us that we can have every confidence in him and it sure builds up your faith when you see it in action. So we are about to start a new adventure  in our lives - what do you think?


Aaron said...

kids???? ¡Somos adultos!

Anonymous said...

I'm over the moon to read your news Elizabeth, and as I read I felt emotional in a lovely way. Jehovah certainly does move mountains. Shelley Theunissen Welcome Bay Congo. P.S One day ill hopefully reply all in Spanish.

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Te siempre niños que nosotros Aaron!!!

Chad and Michele said...

ummmm... pretty sure there was no mention of your other kids :-( Who, by the way, are sooo proud of you guys and how Jehovah is truly pouring out a "blessing upon you all until there is no more want". Don't expect me to not cry though, I have already started, so get another pack (make that a carton) of tissues ready... Can I be really sad for me and still be really happy for you?:-) hahahaha Love you guys....Congrats!

Elsie And Hannah said...

Wow! That is all so incredible the way everything worked out! No way that's all a coincidence. A good reminder for me too to trust in Jehovah as I figure out what I'm going to do. Thanks for the boost! Very happy for you guys! -Hannah

James and Sandy Williams said...

Hi Mark and Elizabeth,
I just stumbled on your blog searching for all things Ecuador and hope you don't mind my posting. We were a couple that sat near you and your family on the convention bus in Guayaquil and were always wondering how things were going for your Visa's and it has been in our prayers that Jehovah would work matters out. We're always confident he would bless your family regardless of where he would place you but are thrilled to read that he worked it out in line with your spiritual desires. It is also faith strengthening to see how well Amanda and Aaron are doing with your families spiritual heritage. The missionary couple your daughter met in Taiwan sent their greetings and I have a couple of pictures I can forward from them if she would like. I guess Amanda was a bad associate in a convention part to their daughter?
We wish you all the best, and in the off chance you do find yourself in or passing through Toronto Canada, let us know.
James and Sandy Williams

Carol :) said...

Yay for you!!!!!!!!! As we say, things do tend to get down to the wire before they turn out for the best don't they? Jehovah is looking after you alright but only because you continually put Him first. What an amazing photo!!!! Will email you soon my friend. xx

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Hey James and Sandy - thanks for your lovely comment, we hope you enjoyed you time here in Ecuador. It was very nice meeting you.
Amanda would love the photos. Email address

Everyone else - thanks so much too for your encouraging comments! Michele - you are going to love coming down to the coast to visit us!

gregory fee said...

There are so many paths we can take as servants of Jehovah. And it's nice he gives us the freedom to choose one that we may like. As long as it's centers on his will, well, in the long run it's always the best choice. WE too are contmplating moving- It's sooo expensive here in Hawaii. We have gone thru 85% of our savings and there is no work. We applied to go to relief work in Japan- but were told that the list was filled so fast from the mainland (after the letter was read) that no one from Hawaii would be going...Next Plan?