Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ecuador's got Talent!

Well I just had to share this.

Last night we were invited after the meeting for dinner with a family in our congregation. Mateo came up to me right after and excitedly said "Puedes traer su trompeta a nuestra casa?" (Can you bring your trumpet to our house?) I had to explain cos it was so late (930pm) it would not be a good idea to annoy the neighbors.

When we got to his house - He showed us his skills on the piano - and he is REAL good. Bear in mind Mateo is only 10 years old - but has been playing since he was 5. Check it out:

Awesome aye! It has to be also said - When he reads the bible for his assignments - he is an awesome reader. Blows my skills away!.....



Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Reminds me of Ryan when he was a little feller! Although I think Matias might practice a little more than Ryan did!

Carol :) said...

your Ryan was amazing aye with his love of piano. thanks for the video clip Aaron. Has he heard you play the trumpet?

Anonymous said...

hey what a clever kid young Matias is - i wish i had the talent of his little finger.