Sunday, September 25, 2011

Odd Field Experience...... Continued.....

Well its not really odd anymore, but its super cool.

We have had the circuit overseer this week, and the brother organizing the week scheduled me to work with the CO on the Friday afternoon...... hmmmm I didn't really have any calls or study's to take him to at that time. But fortunately on Wednesday, when I went to see "repeat my prayers man" study (Who by the way his name is Jaime, pronounced hi-mie) said he didn't have time for a study - but could I please come back on Friday afternoon. Perfect! I thought. So I explained to the CO that with my limited Spanish, it was hard for me to politely tell Jaime not to repeat me, without offending him. So the study went well - CO explained about prayers, and now we are all good.

I also invited him to come to the meeting on Sunday night (at 6pm) and to my surprise he said he would like to come - so I made the arrangement to come at 530.

Unfortunately, it was a little drizzly tonight - but I decided to walk anyway as it wasn't that bad. In fact, I got all the way there without getting a drop on me. But as I predicted, I had to wait for Jaime for about 25 minutes to get ready. We finally left his place at 5:55 - with a 5 min walk to the Hall. Guess what happened halfway there?

Yes - the heavens opened up - and IT POURED. So here is a tall lanky white guy, and a short older Ecuadorian - hoofing it to the hall. It must have looked so strange - especially to the Mormons we passed on the way! We got there soaked - just as the meeting started, and took some seats.

It was hard helping Jaime though the meeting as he insisted on finding the scriptures by himself, and it took ages - many times he found it - at the same time as the next scripture was stated! But afterward, he said he thoroughly enjoyed it - and asked for a song book, so he could practice for next week. He said he wants to come every Sunday. He loved meeting the brothers and sisters afterward too.

Well needless to say - we called a taxi for the way home - wasn't going to risk that again!


Jim Cohoon said...

We are really enjoying your posts Aaron. Very encouraging.

Jim and family, Cuenca

Aaron said...

Thanks Jim,

Sorry didnt catch up with you guys the other day - next time! :)

Tom & Elaine Plank said...

you never know how the seed will grow, just keep watering.......good job.