Sunday, September 18, 2011

I think we will fit right in....

Had a nice visit to check out our new place to live and we are glad to know they recommend swimming at our own risk at the beach!

 Time to get as many into the truck as possible to go on the 30 minute ride to the territory for that day.
Seems there were more little piggies in this village than people (and they were nicer than the people we found too - it's a village where the Priest has a lot of sway with the folks - some of the ones we did find at home were too scared to even tell us their names).
Now this is the life - well it will be!
Puerto Cayo sure is sleepy but really pretty!


scott and annette said...

How exciting that you are able to stay in Ecuador. I know you must really love it there. Amazing how it all seems to have worked out just right. where is your new home? How far from Cuenca are you?
Looking forward to more of your experiences.
This week we could have been at the beach with Chad and Michele, but are not because I am taking chemistry. Sorry we did not get to see them, hopefully we will before they head back your way.
Annette Ripley

Anonymous said...

I definitely think you will fit right in. Lovely to see you relaxing Elizabeth, Jehovah always comes to the rescue...Shelley Theunissen Welcome Bay Congregation

Anonymous said...

awwwh nice new pad. Am sure you will fit right in.
not so sure of the mode of transport thou to the territory - that looks none to safe to me! Hang on tight Mark! Were you travelling in style in the cab of another vehcile Beth?