Thursday, November 13, 2008

Coffee Break??

This is town territory!

We have nearly finished our territory with the tracts - just the really hilly stuff to go. Here we are out this morning - it was absolutely gorgeous but so hot! Of course there are no cafe's to be had so the next best thing is buying a bottle of fizz and some cups to share it with everyone- on the side of the road.

My turn to play mother!

Note the sister in the middle sticking something into her lemonade. It was a blade of grass and she was dabbing it in and out of the drink to remove the gas!(I wonder how many amoebas she also added) Interesting!

I only have a little update for you on Joanna - and the news is not good - she is holding her own at the moment but is a very sick little girl. It is doubtful that she will make it as the cancer has spread into her brain. Thank goodness we have such a wonderful hope as how you would cope in that situation without it, as a mother, I don't know. The brothers and sisters are doing all they can to help the family - a roster was taken the other night as to who could take a midday meal to the hospital for whoever is there - so that is nice. Nancy was at the meeting last Saturday and the WT was especially good for her - she even commented - it seems their faith is holding up very well under this awful tragedy.


Rebecca McCleskey said...

No wonder you were so tired today at lunch! That's quite a climb! Good for you.

The Kinlocher's said...

didn't know the trick about the blade of grass and taking out the gas! But I like the bubbles so guess i won't be tryingthat trick anytime soon.

The Scottys said...
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The Scottys said...

WOW its nothing like our green, green grass of home,
I should try that blade trick on terry for his gas so I won't moan!!!lol
*Seriously like Ann that blade in a drink is a new trick,
But I wouldn't be doing that here people will stare strangely and say I am thick!!!
*Sorry to see our dear little sister Joanna is not doing so good,
Aggree totally we belong to a family of a loving brotherhood!!
*Its certainly is encouraging to see the family are making it to the meetings,
Jehovah gives us power beyond what is normal to endure through this system to overcome Satan's beatings!!
*We Truly see more so today that you both were meant to be in Ecuador,
Your faith strengthening experiences
sincere love you share there you bring to our DOORS.
*Keep the great work up and thanks heaps for letting us know how you all are,
your bloggs keeps you both near even though you are far, far , far!!

catherine said...

So not everyone appreciates a nice cold glass of fizz on a hot day. Sad news about Joanna our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family