Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh woe is me!

It's been a quiet few days around here as I am sick. Yep I got a dose of Giardia and unfortunately it has made me pretty miserable. I guess it was bound to happen sometime as it is kinda part of life here. Hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow and can get back into life - there is only so much sleep a person can take - problem is I can't be too far away from the bathroom.
I don't want to gross you out but I have to tell you about how you get diagnosed here. You just pack up your troubles in a sample pot and go into one of the many laboratories available. 5 minutes and $2 later you have your letter to take to the chemist and they will give you the correct medicine. I have to say - who in New Zealand would do that job for $2??? What a way to make a living eh?


Lynne said...

Poor thing - but now you can truly sympathise with Mum! Hope you are feeling better soon. xxx

Marisa said...

Oh dear! Hope you feel better soon! xxx

The Scottys said...

Sorz your not feeling well Bethyboo,
And that you had stay so close to the loo!
I hope the day gets better as it goes along,
A two dollar job sounds a real pong!!!

Rebecca McCleskey said...

I think you handled that bit of information with grace considering what is really going on. You should go to the doctor if you aren't feeling much better by today. You might need an antibiotic. Please get well soon. We all feel bad when you are bad.....

catherine said...

"Who in New Zealand would do that sort of job" I wonder might not be quite the same but nearly any way GET WELL SOON. Lots of love x x x

Mark and Beth said...

but Catherine I think you get paid more than $2.00!!!
Thanks everyone for your get well wishes - I am now on the mend.Had to go to the dentist today and managed that without having to rush to the loo (to the relief of the dentist). Talk about childhood flashbacks - he didn't give me any anesthetic - ouch!Thank goodness he was a fast worker.