Monday, November 17, 2008

Progress maybe?

I have the reputation here I am told as a "Sneaky Pete". Of course I have no idea why - could it be that I can whip my camera out and take footage with no one knowing - in this case not even Mark as he conducts his first bookstudy. It only took Mark all afternoon to prepare the material so he is doing as well as can be expected.
We enjoyed the change - it is nice getting to know others in the congregation and they were very happy to have us join them. Only problem is it is pretty far away so we have a 10 minute walk to the bus stop - a 10 minute busride and then a 20 minute walk and now we will be having to do this 3 times a week. Thankfully our very kind Hermano "G" has been moved into that group too so he gave us a ride home tonight and will likely do the same every Monday - phew!


The Kinlocher's said...

well done Mark - next thing you will be doing public talks in spanish! Or did I miss that?

The Scottys said...
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The Scottys said...

WOW You are so brave Mark and what an amazing week it has been for the both of you!
Walking the hills, helping where the need was and conducting a book study JEHOVAH is surely blessing you two.
*In the video We got so impressed with how natural and confident Mark looked,
A long way from the "AN IMPORTANT MASSAGE" to taking a book study we got HOOKED!!
*The part where you were helping Mark out shows you are a great team,
Many more of conducting the book study Mark is going to be supreme!!
*Terry notice how thin you are looking Beth!
I have to be careful how I hug you so you won't lose ya breath!!
Arohanui xxx
Still loving the blonde look!!
*Christie family
Welcome to the blogg nice to see some fresh faces and comments.
*Faith Hope you feeling better this morning I really didn't give you that cold it was Adam!!
*Ann have a great day and thanks for your help on things.

Rebecca McCleskey said...

That's so CUTE! We're proud of you Mark junping in and taking the bull by the horns. Brings back memories of how we used to be when we first started here. You're on your way to the big time....

Lynne said...

Well done Mark!!

Marisa said...

Wow - U. Mark is doing really well! :)

Mark and Beth said...

Marisa - thanks chica!

catherine said...

Well done Mark. I cannot imagine how hard that must have been. When we went to Japan and tried to find a money machine I was very frustrated not being able to make myself understood and that was only a few words not a whole bookstudy that would require an hour of concentration. You are to be admired for your bravery and committment and we are looking forward to hearing your experiences when you return