Friday, November 14, 2008

Mary had a little lamb!

Thought I would share this pic with you - it is taken right across the road from our place. This playing field is obviously used for a lot more than just football! Any green grass cannot go to waste - a good job they don't play rugby here - imagine getting a face full of droppings when you are tackled to the ground!


Lynne said...

Trying to work out the tether arrangement - looks like the front sheep is tethered but there is another rope too. Are they all tied together? And - lovin' her outfit!

catherine said...

That should make Mark feel very much at home

The Scottys said...

*Can see why any grass will do for those poor little lambies,
Look as though they have been to Jenny craigs so thin and shammy!!!
*They need a feed of our great kiwiana grass thats so green,
So when it comes to eating them they will be meaty and not lean!!
Have a great day team!!!

I hope you are feeling much now,
Gidday to you Ann funny Gal!!
*Julie P
Great to see you back from your holiday,
Will get to work with you out in field service one day!

Miss Amanda Fabulous said...

Thats a cool picture, could you please email it to me?

The Kinlocher's said...

just been catching up love this pic - the lady looks plesed to be having her photo taken too