Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Guinea Pig Lunch

We are on our way out the door to go up to Quito for our little gringito bus holiday - but I threw this together so you could have something to look at while we are gone.
You can see by the way I look in the video that it's a good thing we are going to have a break - I really need it! Even Mark, the work-aholic, said last night he needs to have a rest for a few days - it's been a hard month.
See you on the flip side guys!


The Kinlocher's said...

why didn't you eat it?

Lynne said...


catherine said...

I am pleased to hear you didnt eat the guinea pig you would have had Heather the Porrills Paradise resident Kermit saver taking up a new mission

The Scottys said...


*"TOTALLY aggree with Anne you have to try a guinea pig,
And I do love the color of your hair or is it a wig??LOL
*Glad to see you both managed to get a break from things,
Because when you get back home you will be in full swing.
*Was saddened to have been told that joanna had passed away,
While I was at my course it was difficult to keep my tears at BAY!!
*As i have been learning all week about cancer and the chances of prevention of it,
At the end of day it helped to appreciate that no matter how well we take care of ourselves we are all imperfect!!
*So our dear little sister is suffering no more,
She has the guarantee of a ressurection that's for sure!!
*The congregation is so blessed to have a couple like you,
In good & in sad times you both will carry them through!!
arohanui xxx

The Kinlocher's said...

hi alice - welcome home

The Scottys said...

Thanks m8 its great to be back home.
Getting back into the routine of things.
*Nana faith hope you feeling much better now!!
*Julie P.
How are you placed for field service this friday?
Heard the evening was great awesome!!

Marisa said...

If you didn't eat Guinea Pig, what were you eating?!