Monday, December 1, 2008

NGT Travels - Day One

Hi everyone - did you miss us?
We had a wonderful few days away, checking out some more of this beautiful country. This video is the first of quite a few - we saw some very interesting sights, especially in Otavalo, which we all loved, so I hope you enjoy them as I get the hundreds of photos I took sorted out. Doug started calling me a Camera Assassin - which is probably a good description of me. For every 20 photos I took though, I probably only got 2 good shots - however, it is worth it for the memories. On the first day - we didn't really do alot - just getting there was enough of an adventure for one day!

By the way - if you can't read the sign - it says "Free Beer for all Foreigners between 6 & 6.20pm"


Rebecca McCleskey said...

Boy did we miss you! Glad you had a great time and that you are back safe and sound.

The Scottys said...

*A well deserved break good to hear,
WAT a gr8 bonus all that free beer!
*Definitely a must place to visit in spanishland,
We look forward to seeing more on your travels here in kiwiland!