Saturday, December 6, 2008

NGT Travels - Day Three

The trip up to Otavalo was very interesting - and the scenery amazing! The road does not go up as high as the trip from Cuenca to Guayaquil but it is still stunning. On the way we stopped at a small town and stumbled on a street parade - lots of sounds and lots of colours - very cool.
The next couple of videos will show the highlight of our trip and why we fell in love with Otavalo.
"Ya awl come back now" (I think we may have been spending too much time with the Willis' - their southern accent is affecting even my blogs)


The Scottys said...

"Food glorious food" and of course beer,
Loved the music was great to hear!
*You do have a great way of getting one's to do silly things,
your NGT TRAVELS we view we love everything.
*It's great seeing more of the country and people in spanishland,
You both are looking so relaxed and really grand!!
Keep up the gr8 amigos look forward to the rest of your travels!! arohanuixx
*Gidday Kinlochers

Lynne said...

You have packed a lot into 3 days! Fantastic you are getting to see some more of the country - and I must say the national costume looks good on you both!

Marisa said...

Oh wow - Grandma would've loved those gardens!

Btw, I love the music you use in your movies - it's very cool. :)

Rebecca McCleskey said...

That's a awesome video. What a nice trip.