Monday, December 22, 2008

Last Bookstudy

El Estudio del Libro en la Casa de la familia Mogrovejo
Well tonight was the end of an era as we had the last bookstudy! Everyone around the world will no doubt be feeling the same as us - a little sad, but kind of relieved to have a bit more time for study. We appreciate having more time to devote to our spanish and especially appreciate not having to walk out again on a Monday night - you see the BS we attended is a 10 minute walk then a 8 minute bus ride and after that another 20 minute walk away!
Our group as you can see doesn't do things by halves and we enjoyed a huge plate of Fried Rice and Avocado washed down with coke after the meeting. Then I had made a cake, banana of course - what else would you make in Ecuador? We polished that off and then were given a tipple of Cacao - que rico! Needless to say we have rolled home and are looking forward to a good nights rest.


The Scottys said...

Yummy your food looks fantastic!
It seemed like an end of the Era for us tonight, many of us had supper last week to make sure we got everyone as you know its that time of the year.
Enjoyed the photos wat a neat B/S group you have.

Ann: Surprise no poetry from me!
Good morning kinlochers.

Marisa said...

Mmmmm, banana cake!