Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodmorning all you peoples in New Zealand - how is 2009 treating you so far. Of course we are living in the past here in Ecuador - it is still 2008!
Have a good day!


The Scottys said...

Morena( Morning) Gringos in spanishland.
Unlike yours it probably went of with a BANG!
My spelling/ sentences is shocking due to little sleep, wish I have no fab excuse for. Molly M had a sleep ova last nite and the girls didn't get to sleep till 12ish as they were hot and playing up BUt tez SORTED THEM OUT.
I guess the beach late avo did not knock them out! Of course like excited girls they were up at 6am little darlings! (NOT), and of course I was awake TILL 1:30am.
Thank goodness Im not back working as yet, BUT I have to get motivated to do preparation for work!
So my 2009 has been up early and doing some washing, the girls are cranky already looks like its a trip to Mcds to cool them off!!too spoilt should send them off to ecuador.
We will be working on new spirutal goals this year I hope we will have some consistency in them!!
Not too long before you both come home the kids are soo looking forward to your return as well as us BIG kids!!
good morning kinlochers, its a beautiful sunny morning here and feeling hot already we are excited about our combined meeting tonite, i guess you had yours already!
*Love to faith I hope she is going to be a little gentle on me with that stick this year.(lol)cu all next week!!
Hope you having some fun with your visiting whanau and you enjoy the STAT days off.

Marisa said...

Oh, you are SO last year, Aunty Beth. ;)