Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year in Ecuador

Well surprisingly we did actually sleep through the end of 2008 and into 2009. Although we were woken a few times with exceptionally loud and close bangs from the fireworks - we must have been pretty tired to be able to drift back quickly into dreamland. At around 12pm there was a barrage of fireworks but it was no use getting up to look at them out the window as they do not make any display whatsoever. All they do is make a noise - I don't really get why the Ecuadorians like them so much.
On the way home from the meeting (G would not let us walk as he said it was too dangerous) there was people with masks on everywhere. They like to put rope across the road and stop the cars and then demand money - G just drove right on so a few idiots hit the car - but we made it home safely.I hope you will excuse me for not getting any photos - it was just a little scary so I did not want to encourage any more stupidity.
Today witnessing has been canceled as they say no one will appreciate us knocking on their gates after their night of revelry. I don't know - I think I would have enjoyed waking them up - cause they don't seem to mind waking us up!


altiro said...

I remembered something like that in Olón, Ecuador. One family had a wedding party, but they wanted that all people listen their music all night. It was horrible, listening music up to 6 am even when most people have left party.
I don't if something like that happen in Chile, but I've never seen or heard about that.


Gringitos said...

Hey Ruben - I was wondering if they did the same sort of thing in Chile - it must be just an Ecuadorian thing then! So will we see you in Ecuador in 2009?
xxx to all our friends in Chile and especially to you

altiro said...

"Ecuador in 2009"?
I want to go, but I have many thing to do. Actually yesterday I was preaching with Gabriela and we were talking about you.
In the meddle of financial crisis, I don`t know what I will do in next months.