Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tonight's excitement

Just as we walked into the hall tonight - there was a blackout and they are obviously used to this sort of thing occurring here, as before we knew it - candles were handed around. Thankfully though the lights came back on before Mark had the Bible Highlights (his 1st). It would have been interesting had he had to read by candlelight but I guess no worse than if we had had to sing without music!


Lynne said...

A pro with a Kiwi accent! Your power blackout reminded me of Samoa - I was a householder by torchlight once! You have a well prepared congo though - candles!

The Kinlocher's said...

Well done Mark - you might have trouble giving a talk back here in English.

Rebecca McCleskey said...

This used to be more common in the old days. In fact, I gave my very first Spanish talk by the light of one candle. Talk about nerve racking! But, it is kinda cool, don't you think?

Gringitos said...

you are a legend Becky - no wonder we learn so much from you - you've done it all before!

catherine said...

I remember it happening many years ago when we were in Wanganui, I had to give a talk and we had to use a torch. Not easy.

The Scottys said...

Unlike what some of you have experienced.
I remember many years ago here in Tauranga when a brother wanted to prove a point he had someone turn of the lights in our K/H on purpose as part of his illustration.
LOL a sister got in her car and drove home!
His point really drove it home to me!
Mark and beth aggree with kinlochers you are going to have trouble giving a talk in english.
Awesome work mate.