Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Update on our week:

Monday we were up in the mountains and I placed 2 books while Mark placed 1 with a very nice gentleman who wants him to come back next week to start going through the book.Yay for Mark!
Tuesday I was out with Michele and we caught up again with my study Melva (after the holiday season). We have to climb up another hill to get to her little house and we were pleased that this week she actually went and got us 2 seats so we sat for the study instead of the usual hopping from foot to foot and trying to hold everything at the same time. Melva tells us she is a Catholic and will be till the day she dies but then in the next breath says how the Catholics don't hardly touch the bible- let alone read it! Mmm we shall see if she does stay a Catholic till she dies- I will keep you posted on her progress. Then we found a call of Michele's at home - the last time we had spoken to her (Bertha is her name and she is in her 40's) - she had said she could not talk any longer cause her Mother was coming down the street and her Mother did not like her talking to us! Anyway yesterday Bertha tells us that her mother has broken her leg and will not be visiting her for awhile (oh dear how sad) so Michele was able to start a study with her. We really felt we were supposed to call on her yesterday so it was very cool.
Today (Wednesday - yes I know I am living in the past) I asked Becky to come with me on my study with Esperanza but before we went we did a little bit of territory. Becky managed to have a good chat with a lady and place a book so we will be going back on her again next week. Esperanza is a lovely lady and invites us inside, today we started chapter 2 and something really affected her as she had a few tears about the bible being such a marvelous gift from God.
So that is the week so far - I just wanted to tell you about it cause I am having such fun - it's awesome!


Lynne said...

That's great Beth - you are accomplishing what you set out to do!
Look forward to reading Thursday & Friday's experiences!

Gringitos said...

I can tell you Friday's experience right now - sleep in day!!!

The Scottys said...

*Thanks for sharing those awesum experiences with us,
Getting to field service here for us is no fuss!
*As lynne said you have accomplish what you set out to do,
Leaving ecuador for a few weeks they are going to miss you two.
*However we all are going to love having you both back home for awhile,
anxious children and everyone waiting to greet you with tears and smiles!
*Keep up the great work of doing Jehovahs will,
Matthew 28:19,20 we all play are a part to fulfill.

*Morning kinlochers nice to see you all back and that some of you just havent change (Faithxx)

Marisa said...

That's awesome to hear! xxx