Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cuppy Cake boy

This is for my friends back home in New Zealand who are unwell at the moment. Especially Jane, Ivan, Cliff, Maureen and Alice. I hope it brings a little smile to your day. Get well soon guys - looking forward to giving you a cuppy cake hug when we get home in 3 weeks time xxx

P.S. Don't you just love this kids eyebrows??? (Apparently the little fellow is very sick too - and he's still singing - no doubt knowing you guys, you won't be letting it get you to down either!)


The Scottys said...

*YEP totally put a big smile on my face.
Im gonna get maddy to learn that song love the words and that cute boy singing it.
Thanks heaps for that Beth as always you have an awesum way with words and song selection.
Im fine compared to the others thanks for thinking of us all.
Look forward to seeing you in 3 weeks time and hearing about more of your travels Roms 1:11-12
*Morning kinlochers

Marisa said...

Yikes! That kid does not look healthy. Poor wee fellow. He does have awesome eyebrows, though. ;)

catherine said...

Are you spending time in the Lords work or checking out youtube

Gringitos said...

Good point Catherine!

Lynne said...

The big sister brings you back to reality Beth!!