Friday, January 23, 2009

Mud Skis time again!

I know I have harped on about this before but we have had quite a few weeks of beautiful weather and now we are back to rain and mud everyday. It gets pretty slippery too so it is a wonder I have not ended up sitting in it!
This morning we trudged over to my new study, Señora Luz. She has 3 sons and the youngest seemed just a little odd. I was saying how if a son is on drugs and ruins his health - it is not the father's fault, when Luz started crying and said that was the problem with her youngest boy - his father took drugs. Poor lady - she was so upset. She let Mark say a prayer for her and we arranged to go back next week and study chapter 11 - Why does God Permit Suffering. It is a real privilege to be able to share the truth with these people.


The Kinlocher's said...

yuk - you better buy a car before we come and visit!

The Scottys said...

*More like a big 4wheel truck and trailer to carry all your whanau around,lol..
With air conditioning and some awesome soundz!
*Beth you look amazing,
unlike poor HOS he needs to be in te puna grazing!
*When you come back to kiwiland check out the Nordic poles,
They will be of great help leaving lots of holes.
*Yep Mark doing what he knows best,
being kind to animals he hates seeing them in a mess!