Sunday, January 4, 2009

When in Rome...

This is a drink made out of pulverized rolled oats with milk,
sugar and cinnamon. I could probably describe it as very runny porridge - mmm yummy (NOT)

Marks face says it all
We are often placed in situations that we have no way of getting out of and it is almost always to do with food or drink. The people here are so very kind but they never ask you what you would like to drink - mostly they just give you something which you are expected to like.We would never want to offend these kind hearted souls so it gets very tricky some times.
Of course those of you who know us will remember that Mark can't stomach milk and I have an aversion to sweet, lukewarm drinks. Most of the time we can secretly swap the cups and get through it that way but this morning we were handed this concoction which was sweet, lukewarm and milky!!! And notice the size of the cup! Oh dear - but I am proud to say we both just did the deed, even though we now feel very sick! It was funny seeing Marks face, when the sister wanted to refill his cup!


R2K said...

: )

catherine said...

All I can say is you are very brave I am not sure how I will go whn I visit you I have great difficulty eating at peoples houses, when I dont know how clean they are

The Scottys said...
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The Scottys said...

A good attitude you have Well done you too,
As a suggestion here is what you need to do!
*A little tough love thats all i can say,
Could you tell them that you are sensitve to the milk & whey.
*Also tell them before they make your drink,
Then you wont have to be feeling so stink!
*Those are my little words of wisdom(not) today from me,
If you can pour it out in the nearest plant or tree.

P.S Glad its you and not me!
Looks like its RSVP asap when you get home!!
*Morning kinlochers

Harry Pitts said...

Only one thing seems more disgusting than that drink....ever try Vegemite, mate?

Lynne said...

Vegemite? What's wrong with Vegemite?

The Scottys said...

*With you on that lynne!
At least a vegemite drink gives you some goodness such as iron...
Knock a few of those vegemite drinks back and you will end up as dark as
*Morning kinlochers.

Chad and Michele said...

Mark, that face certainly doesn't say "It's all good!"....haha