Friday, January 9, 2009

You say Tomato and I say...

I would like to say TA to all the BLOKES (and Sheilas - oops that's Australian) who were GOOD SPORTS and let me TAKE THE MICKEY out of them - they didn't get STROPPY or PIKE OUT on me or even throw their JANDALS at me - so IT'S ALL GOOD!
By the way, for you readers from other countries, while I am on the subject - here is a little explanation that may help you if you ever come across a New Zealander :
Kiwi: New Zealander
kiwi: an endangered flightless bird native to New Zealand
kiwifruit: hairy skinned fruit with lime green flesh - formerly known as Chinese Gooseberry


Lynne said...

That was CRACKER Beth - they were all A BOX OF BUDGIES - no WET BLANKETS there! GIZZA a bit more of this - keep us chuckling or we'll PACK A SAD.

Chad and Michele said...

I just want to say to my Mom and Dad, if they watched this, that Beth made me do it!!!!haha

The Scottys said...

*Great one beth that rocked!!

Try getting them to say a little maori!
First word
*Tena koe or (tin-a-cocoa)hello
*tena kotou or (tin-a-milo)hello to more than 1 person.
*Kuia - (misprononced as Queer)grandmother

A bit of maori english/sayings
*Hey you or (hey ewe's maori version)
*American express c/card (Maori express c/card)
*Brother (Bro)
*KFC Chicken (Kai for cousies)
*always late (Maori time)
Thats it from me always look forward to your marvellous blogs!!

Ma te wa (see you latas-later)
Morning kinlochers

catherine said...

Great to see you are edumacating the yanks in how to speak proper, Kiwi that is

The Kinlocher's said...

next think ya will be telln them bout the ACC, TAB, DPB,IRD, coz I see Alice already mentioned the KFC - and don't forget that tv programm about famous (maori + pakehas)NZ's - Crimewatch.

Hey Alice Beth ARKSED me about the skit party - coz she ain't seen or heared nothink bout it - must do somemet bout dat huh?
Morn-n Alice in wonderland

Marisa said...

In some places Kiwifruit is just called Kiwi - very confusing!

Now I'm having an identity crisis: am I am flightless bird or a piece of fruit?! ;)

Gringitos said...

Marisa - you've been in so many countries - I'm surprised you still call NZ home - I thought it was just a pitstop for you!