Friday, January 30, 2009

A nice day.

Well this time next week we will be on the long trip home and by now we should be in Chile waiting for our next plane - oh how I don't look forward to that! However I do look forward to what is at the end of it - a great big hug from Aaron and Amanda. Ryan tells me he won't be able to meet us at the airport - we will have to wait another week to see him. I guess I can forgive him - it's his last weekend with the boys from Bethel so we understand.
Today I took Michele to meet Luz and her children - I started the study with her 3 weeks ago and Michele is going to look after her for me. She is a sweet lady with lots of problems and so hopefully she takes what she is learning from the bible on. Today she was saying that she believed God had given her a sick son (he seems to be a little retarded but not quite sure if that is his only problem) to see how she would cope - what a terrible way to think about God! Her other son Jonathan is about 7 and the whole time we were there he was cleaning up the kitchen and helping his mother with Pedro - sweet kid. I took them a bible stories book each and Jonathan was so excited to receive it - he went a got a plastic bag to put them in to protect them, which was so cute.
Luz made a funny comment about Mark that has given us a laugh all day - she said to Michele that he translates for me - not that I am wanting to toot my own horn or anything - but that is so not the case - if anything it is the other way around! Anyway Mark loved it!

It is 10.30pm now and we have just arrived home from a very nice Gringo Party where we were the guests of honour. Chad and Michele made Pennsylvanian chili and mashed potatoes - and it was delicious. I feel like bursting - especially after the chocolate cake Kelly brought to the party.
We are very fortunate to have made such wonderful friends here - even if they do get on my case about our accent and kiwi idioms. New word for them tonight was Dozy! No I didn't use it in the context of " You dozy Americans" - we might not be welcomed back if I did that!
We sure will miss them all while we are at home, even that dozy guy Goober!
Anyway it's bed time now - that's if I can sleep - I am so excited!


altiro said...

Hello beth, How long you have to be in Chile?

Gringitos said...

Hola Ruben

Lamentablemente sólo tres horas. Esperamos quedarnos la próxima vez más mucho tiempo para que nosotros podemos verlo de nuevo. :(

The Kinlocher's said...

great post - thansk for the update. look forward to seeing you in TGA next week.

The Kinlocher's said...

so yu can only stay three hours in Chile- right?

catherine said...

We are looking forward to seeing you too. How long is the trip from Chile and what time do you arrive in Auckland. I am so sorry that I wont be there to see you straight away but we will catch up soon enough. Aaron Amanda and Ryan will enjoy having you home as well. We will be thinking of you both as you make the long journey. Lots of love x x x

The Scottys said...

Yes 3 hours in chilie and they are hoping to stay longer next time!
Wow you are getting clever Ann girl.
Must be the company your keeping in your household!
*WOW cant believe you will be home soon we look forward to seeing you both next week!!