Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A glimpse of the weather here!


catherine said...

Amazing weather pictures. The little old lady was probably picking marijuana, so that weather put her pot on.

The Scottys said...

*Catherine lol your funny my exact thoughts as well.

*Beth we had days like that of recent where it starts as a beautiful day, hot, then late afternoon thunderstorms and heavy downpour for a moment.
Unfortunately we don't get the siren sound like your weather.
The only sirens we hear is when there is a burglary lol.
Counting down to when you come home.
It waz nice to meet your Aunty wyn?
And tell her i like the new name she gave me! And as usual faith is on the ball could hear us talking.
Ann you must have an interesting household at the moment.
Have gr8 day see you Saturday