Saturday, December 13, 2008

NGT Travels - Final Video

I'm kind of over looking at the holiday snaps so this has just been thrown together in no particular order. Just some shots I thought you might be interested in.
I so wish I could have got my camera out this morning - we were way up in the mountains when a funeral procession came down the hill complete with orchestra and mourners. They were carrying the casket too so it made an interesting sight. Unfortunately Michele and I were talking with a lady at the time and it would have been distracting had I pulled out my camera. I was a little worried too as we had little Julisa (Joanna's sister) with us - I thought it might stir up bad memories but she seemed fine.
When we got home today - the one neighbour (actually her son owns the complex) in these apartments that talks with us was near our building so we explained to her what we had been doing this morning. She is very interested and we ended up placing 2 mags and the BT book with her. She was excited to know that she could keep the book too so that was a nice end to our morning. Let's hope something comes of it.


The Scottys said...

*Yipee finally got to see the whole video show,
As our computer was going slow!
*Great choice of music reminds me of the movie stictly ballroom!
Ya all looked as though you had a great time lots of dining an appetite with plenty of room!
*Your experinces in the ministry gives us an uplift,
They certainly help me stay grounded that I may not drift!
Beth: thanks for all the hard work putting your travels together!

*Good morning kinlochers!

*Blaine & Sharon congratulations on baby Lincoln.
*Maureen hope you had good day.

catherine said...

Well done Beth once again. And I loved the music. I am slowly learning how to upload music onto my blogs, I think most of my problem is lack of patience. I have been otherwise occupied over the last few days as you know and have finally caught up with your videos.

Gringitos en Cuenca said...

Catherine - understandably you have been too occupied with far more exciting goings on - I loved your video of Lincoln - you are doing well so keep em coming!