Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A quick interview with one of the kids in the Congo

I hope to interview a few other amazing characters here that we have met - so hopefully this is the first of a few.
While Aliceli is an impressive 12 year old - she kind of annoyed me the other day while I was out with her! I had just placed a book with a lady who was very interested and I was asking her when would be a good time to come back next week. Before a time could be arranged Aliceli jumped in and organized for 4 p.m Saturday - which is impossible for me to get to as we have a meeting at 6.30pm and there is no way I could get all the way over to the call and back in time. So of course Aliceli is going to get the RV. That is if I can trust her to go back - they do seem to have a problem here with doing their RV's - something we are trying to show is important to do - nobody I know of has learned the truth on one visit only.
Back to Aliceli jumping in - this is a problem I have when working with the local people - they don't give me time to formulate the next sentence. Of course the other gringos do because they know what it is like to learn a new language and know if you are given enough time you will eventually find the word you need. I believe if the householder is willing and patent enough to let me get through a presentation, then they will still be patient the next time I call, so I was a bit pipped Aliceli took this nice lady from me!


Rebecca McCleskey said...

Really cool kid. How many year olds get baptized! Great example.
(BTW your Spanish was really good).

Gringitos en Cuenca said...

he he Becky - I know I should have said bautizado not bautismo - but thanks for the encouragement!

Lynne said...

They say a good interview is a short interview! Well done Beth!