Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cute Picture

Thought you might enjoy this shot - Mark and Chad with Josue Morocho, witnessing to a chap in a one of the many hardware type shops here. I thought it was quite cute anyway!
We have had a busy week with the CO here and it was very encouraging this morning (Sunday) to see 83 people turn up to the group! By the way - have I told you before about the custom here of kissing each sister or shaking the hand of each brother when you arrive at the group - think how long it took to get round everyone! Poor Doug had his hands full sending everyone off but everyone seemed happy in the end!
We also made some decisions which we can't go back on now as we have booked and paid for our flights back here on March 24th. We just have to hope things work out with selling our house etc so that we can actually eat when we do get back here (nah just kidding, I am pretty sure we will at least be able to afford rice and beans). We really have to come back for at least another year as by then we should be able to hold a half decent conversation in spanish - it would be a shame for the progress we have made to dissipate if we stayed back in NZ. So now that we have taken the plunge - we are kind of relieved and everything is not so up in the air.Not looking forward to the 20 traveling hours, each way, to get back home and then back here though!