Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So you think it's easy eh?

My dear son, Aaron that is, wanted to know why it is so hard for me to get my time in. This little video should put you straight Aaron and if not then I challenge you to park your car for a month and walk everywhere - that is to the group, to the territory, to your calls, to the meetings and then home again. After that go and get your groceries on foot (I will allow you to take a taxi home or a bus, depending on your finances that week). If you still think it is easy - and you are not exhausted - you have the right to ask me that same question. Even if you take this challenge and find it a breeze, I think you should wait until you are 50 years old before you can speak with any authority! (Eek - you being 50 is a scary thought - that would mean I would be 74 - roll on the new system, I don't want that to happen in this system!)

Warning X-Rated: Heavy Breathing occurs on this video!


Rebecca McCleskey said...

Well, I have a car and it is still a challenge to get my time. Ecuador's pace is so much different that other parts of the world. Beth, keep up the good work! You're doing an amazing job.

Rebecca McCleskey said...

Oh...you forgot to add "learning a new language" on top of it all!

Gringitos en Cuenca said...

Yes you are right Becky - the learning the new language is probably the most exhausting! Aaron would say he is doing that too and it is no problem. Oh to be young again!

The Scottys said...

*Lets all send Aaron to ecuador,
lol he will probaly do very well especially with the young senoritas at the DOOR!!!
*Talk about ruffling a few feathers,
thats aaron for sure and i know he is proud of his papa & mamma handling the tough weather!!
*Whether Satans blows are direct or indirect,
As a brotherhood Jehovah uses each one of us under the angelic guide he directs!
*Eccles 12:1 is for the youth of our time,
But wisdom & experience are shown by the older ones to pass on to others which is divine!
*So keep up the great work amigos in spanishland,
your children are a fine example of you both here in kiwiland!!

*Morning kinlochers & nana Faith

The Kinlocher's said...

Hello Alice - nice to see you 'visiting' again. Hope all is well with you - did you get any sleep last night - or have you just been tapping?

Oh well gotta go - oops almost forgot - great video Beth - I am thinking I don't think I will cope with the hills if i visit - but at least I do get to 'see' the country. On the plus side all that walking is probably doing your bones the power of good - you won't end up like me, and your lungs will be learning to expand too - and on top of that you look very slim! Keep it up. As for Aaron, bones and lungs could improve if he were to do what you do but i am afraid we wouldn't see much of him on a video - he would almost disappear from view if it were not for his clothes!

Gringitos en Cuenca said...

good point Ann!

The Scottys said...

your so funny its da new meds Im on that is keeping me up honey!!
I am very impressed with your logic and Wit!
You have proved that you are not a Twit!lol

catherine said...

The young just do not understand do they. I think you also forgot to add in, running a house. I don't think Aaron would need to come to Ecuador to be lost we cant see him now if he stands behind a lamp post. Anyway Beth I am sure you will be fitter than the rest of us, and when you come to visit us while you are home you will bound up the hills around here and leave me for dead.

Gringitos en Cuenca said...

yes Catherine you are right - there are other things as well I could add like learning and living a new language at the same time! Hope I am getting fitter but it doesn't feel like it!

Lynne said...

Aaron - take the challenge! Beth and Mark - you are doing wonderfully well there - even at your "advanced" ages! I think you should also insist Aaron's challenge should be during a wet week - as I am sure you also have to cope with rain, rain and more rain!

Gringitos en Cuenca said...

Another good point Lynne - why didn't I think of that. Interesting that Aaron seems to have ignored this blog!