Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Planting Time!

My mother-in-law, back home, tells me they have put in a huge garden to help with the cost of living. Go Maureen -looking forward to seeing if it is anything like the fields they plant out here. As you can see a lot of the work is done by hand, maybe with the help of an animal or two but definitely a big job which ever way you look at it. It must be the season to plant out too as whereever we look there seems to be someone attacking the ground with a pickaxe - rather them than me! Note the man way in the distance with a pickaxe:


catherine said...

Looking at those houses it could be anywhere in NZ. What sort of things do they grow there?

Gringitos en Cuenca said...

Corn with beans mostly but also I have seen silverbeet (the americans call it chard I think), cabbages, potatoes (of course) and sometimes I will get a strong whiff of coriander - they love that here.