Tuesday, December 9, 2008

NGT Travels - Day Four - Part Two

One of my most favorite pass times is people watching and you can do that in Otavalo with abandon. The woman dress so much prettier there than they do in here in Cuenca - they look feminine for a start. Hope you are not too bored yet - you still have a few more photos I just have to show you.

Some of my most favorite shots:


Blaine and Sharon said...

Great people watching photos, but I think you might have got busted taking a few of them.

I like the way they can carry their babies on their backs. Might have to try that when this baby finally decides to arrive.

Keep up the good work on the videos Aunty Beth.

The Kinlocher's said...

ditto what sharon said - i like watching people too so that was really interesting for me. Yip it certainly looks like you busted on a couple of occasions. What were the blue/black uniforms?

Where is wally i mean Alice?

Mark and Beth said...

Those are not uniforms they are the dress of a certain tribe of indigenous people. I can't understand why they put what looks like blankets on top of there heads - they must be so hot! Yeah I did get busted but they really didn't seem to mind too much.
Thanks for the compliments re the videos - glad you enjoy them.
Sharon you won't have time to watch them soon!

Marisa said...

I don't know what that woman was singing about, but it sure sounded tragic! Heehee.

Cool video - very interesting. :)