Tuesday, December 2, 2008

NGT Travels - Day Two-Part One

Aren't I good at making people do dumb things!

Needgreater Timeout Travels - Our little sightseeing trip through Quito. Hope you enjoy! I have included a few photos for the benefit of those that can't watch the video. The kids are children from a school, visiting the lookout point at the same time as us - they looked so adorable especially when they all waved to us - so cute! The cable car here sure puts the Rotorua one to shame - we went up so high (4,100 meters, the sign said) and it was freezing up there. Awesome view though - the photos just don't do it justice.


The Scottys said...

*UMM icecream on ice,
sounds really nice!
*The Chad skiing reminds us of "MR BEAN,
He looked really funny we are not being mean!!
*WOW that cable ride is totally high,
The way you all were larking about can see it got to you guys!!
*We are glad you both got some time to chill out and some fun,
You maybe the camera assassin but we can see you are enjoyed by everyone!!!
arohanui xxx

The Kinlocher's said...

hello from mum - thanks for the insight into the trip. Nice music she says. bye bye

Lynne said...

Very interesting - very similar looking to Rio - the churches, the statue, the cable car, the houses on the hillsides... Looks like you all had a lot of fun!