Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We have a winner

The makings of:
One thing I have noticed - they seem to be new clothes
on the dummies - what a waste!
I think these may be the more expensive variety -
a lot of work has gone into them just to burn!
(By the way - which one is the real dummy?)
I saw a lady comparing a photo with the masks trying to get one
that resembled the man - not sure what that was about!
Yep Alice was first on the ball with her very in depth answer (I think there was some internet searching going on): Ecuador has a very unique tradition on December 31, Ecuadorians celebrate New Year's eve with the "aƱos viejos"("old years"). These, are stuffed dummies constructed with paper, sawdust, wood and firecrackers shown through the whole country before they are burnt. Other local, international politicians and famous personalities are also characterized representing the old year. Children and women (or men dressed as women) in black play the old year's "widow" role, crying and asking for some money or candies in the streets, or from house to house for the old year's (dummy) funeral. When the year that has gone by has been a very bad year, most people and the dummy's widow kick or wipe it out before it is burned, to have a better year.
It seems that the whole place goes crazy and of course the celebrations have very spiritistic origins. These things are stuffed with the fireworks they have here which do not make much of a show however they make a heck of a bang so we may not be getting much sleep on Wednesday night!
Thunder Rockets is right - they can make you really jump!

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The Scottys said...

Yep good old fab Internet!
Just type in Cuenca festivals/celebrations and the world is your oyster.
Actually it was interesting reading about the other weird and wonderful festivities over there.
Yeah what a waste of new clothes they seem to put money into the dummies than themselves makes you wonder who the ....... are?
Looking forward to seeing how ya homemade Pav goes.
Arohanui xxxx

Hope the weather is fine for you down there, look forward to you three coming home.
We had 27 at the Thursday nite meeting last week, Sunday was looking good with 47 people.
Ivan is now home recuperating it was neat to see him at the meeting on Sunday.

The sun has come through today its been a scorcher!
Lol we have had car troubles tee had to get van fixed, our BMW (not) is off the road, blakes van has died on him, the 2 pioneers girls has had trouble with their car before f/s this morning so we are waiting on one of them!
Must go can here them outside.
Other than that we are abnormal as usual.
Hello to faith and your whanau see you next week! Oh and you have a talk as well