Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Any excuse for a party!

We were given a "surprise" farewell last night by some of the young ones in the congo. I say surprise but really we knew about it. Thankfully Chad and Michele had given us the heads up earlier in the day because A) I still have the flu and B) the apartment is a bit of a train wreck at the moment, with our packing and all. Anyway we were expecting them to turn up at around 8pm but of course with Ecuadorian time (similar to Maori time) - they came closer to 9pm. Mark had given me every cold and flu drug known to mankind so while I was dopey as and looked terrible - I managed to stay awake and was able to smile. They really are a sweet bunch of kids (actually some of them are not all that young - early 30's). So glad that Chad and Michele came too because they helped get the party going and keep it going for us! It is so nice to know that even while we can't communicate very well with these young folks, they appreciate our presence. Chad told us that one young lass said to him that they can't wait to be able to understand us and us understand them. At this stage they only know we love them and are here to help. Every time I pulled my camera out, the girls had to strike a pose because they know these pictures are going home with us and our sons will eventually see them - I am beginning to think that could be the reason we are so popular here! In the card we were given, one chica wrote that I was not to forget to bring her a souvenir - our son Aaron! What a crack up!


The Scottys said...

WOW wat an awesome party I so lve their dancing wat a neat congo.!

Beth those sisters look rather stunning aaron would be a gr8 souvenir to back with you!!lol

You look gud for someone who waz sick you always know how to put on a brave face.
*YEP Mark and the keyboard up to his tricks again.
LOL And it wz good you made it to this party unlike your first welcome party by the congo!
Sorz but spanish time has nothing on Maori time, I think they are worst lol.
They are so going to miss you both but it will only be temporary!
See you back in KIWILAND AMIGOS.

The Kinlocher's said...

hi Alice - see you on Saturday.....