Friday, February 27, 2009

Kingdom Hall Quickbuild

Last weekend we had the priviledge of working at a quickbuild and it was so nice to have the whole family working there. Mark was on the Plumbing Team, Aaron and Ryan on the Air Conditioning Team, Amanda cleaned her heart out until 3 am one morning and I did what all mothers do best - prepared food, food and more food! (Mostly it was peeling spuds and carrots).
On Friday and cylcone blew through and the site was closed down - very unusual - so the next day it was all go and sure enough, they caught up. I am sorry I can't show you the completed Hall cause we left at 2pm on Sunday, when all the finishing touches were going on, but no doubt it came together nice.

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leinad said...

Lovely to see your smiling faces again, and encouraging to know you are all bearing thorough witness to the good news as you were when I last saw you. Glad to hear you are back with your family for a time too. Especially nice to see everyone hard at work (or hardly working) at the quick build! :)

Keep going - whatever it is you are doing must be very pleasing to Jehovah.

Love from Daniel (in France.)