Monday, February 16, 2009

Yay Spanish Again!

This is the lady I had the privilege to study with today. She is from Columbia and has been here in NZ for 5 months so does not have much english. I really wasn't expecting to have to conduct the study but the sister I was with just left me to it as she doesn't have too much spanish at all - it was a little hard not having time to prepare for it but we managed ok, she said she understood me "a little"!
This morning we were out in the territory for the first time (well me for the first time anyway) and I was happy to find interest at the first door. The young man said he had 3 sons and was worried for their future - he took the BT book and I told him we offered a free home bible study, however my son would be the one to return to talk to him about that. I was pretty happy about finding the interest and thought attitudes certainly have changed in the year we have been away but unfortunately that idea was shot down with the rest of the houses we did - same old same old - not interested!

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Rebecca McCleskey said...

Glad you had a nice experience in the ministry. Those little "bites" keep us going. How nice you can practice your Spanish. Counting the days until your back in Ecuador!