Tuesday, February 10, 2009

mmm Food that I've been missing!

First dinner here had to be fish and chips (not on the beach unfortunately but still delicious). Then the second meal - roast lamb! I think I might be rolling back to Ecuador!
Amanda took me out for coffee and a muffin yesterday and I enjoyed them both immensley (something they don't do well in Ecuador is coffee) but did not enjoy the price - nice for a one of treat but won't be spending too much time in the coffee shops here!


Rebecca McCleskey said...

Can you put that lamb in a suitcase and bring us some. It looks delicious! Glad you're having a good time. Miss you.

Chad and Michele said...

ummmm...you're killing us Beth! But glad you are pigging out!

catherine said...

Good old fish and chips wrapped in newspaper what could be better. The cup of tea you drink afterwards to wash down the grease. Glad you are enjoying NZ cuisine again. I hope your Ecuador friends can come and visit with us one day and we can give them the same treats

The Scottys said...

YUMMY the roast lamb looks most excellent!
Unlike the ROAST GUINEA PIGS & PIGS back in ecuador.
YEP if your ecuador friends came to visit a HANGI could be on the menu ummm.

*Ecudorian friends.
tena rawa atu koe (thanks very much)
for taking great care of Marcos & beth for us.
Time will quickly fly by!
before you know it we will be saying bye and you will be saying Hi!
Keep up the great work in ecuador.
aroha nui

Marisa said...

Yep, fish and chips is definitely something you have to have at least once while you're in NZ. And chip butties... mmmmmm.