Saturday, February 14, 2009

Update time

This is Mr Richard Lee and he is a study of Aaron's. He is a lovely man -(speaks english in a very heavy chinese accent). Amanda picked him up in the territory during one of the tract campaigns and he studied with her for awhile before she handed him over to Aaron. He loves the kids to bits and just this week brought Amanda a digital camera for her trip to Taiwan - generous eh? Yesterday he took us all out for Yum Cha lunch - and wouldn't hear of us paying. We brought him a panama hat as you can see but sadly he put it on a chair in the resturant and the waitress dropped soy sauce over it then took it away to wash it - something you don't do to panama hats. He was so proud of it so hopefully it is not totally wrecked!
Here we are having our first family meal together in a long time. Ryan left Bethel today so he is with us for a little while before he settles down somewhere.
It didn't take long before there was noise- oh I mean music!
I thought this was a cute photo of Mark and Amanda - witnessing together.

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Rebecca McCleskey said...

What a handsome looking family! Who knew? :)