Thursday, February 12, 2009

Maybe there is a genetic disorder all kiwi's suffer from...craziness!

When the weather is hot - it makes people do crazy things is all I can say about this video!
It really is drainingly hot here at the moment - very humid too. I am up at 4 am in the morning and the thermometer on the wall says 26 degrees (that's 80 F) - hate that when you can't sleep because of the heat. I know I know - I am never satisfied - complaining of the cold, rain and mud in Cuenca and complaining of the heat here - some people are just born complainers!


The Kinlocher's said...

who are those crazies - they bet they were led by the QUIET woman at the back of the pack!

wheres alice?

The Scottys said...

*Lol with friends like these who needs enemies!

Credits go to:
*Julie P.Speilberg Yes that quite woman in the back gave us all our clever lines in what to say such a clever blond!
*Paul P. Speilberg .The voice behind the camera, the man who is always seen not heard!
*Ann of course Elizabeth gorgeous sister the one liner hit Banana Hell and the other clever blond who put this scenario together.
*Terry living out his dreams as a wannabe actor.
*Maddison the little girl first time ever lost for words will possibly put off her bananas for life.
*The bananas who bravely allowed themselves to be bruised, (don’t think they found their characters appealing! At some stage they wanted to SPLIT!)
*Mysterious woman in blue, Ummm, ummm
*Marcos & Elizabeth Ecuador has certainly changed them!
Us kiwis complain abiut the weather too,
It was a real tear jerker seeing you both again.
*Ann & graem,
Thank heaps the hostess with Mostess!!

Rebecca McCleskey said...

Hot...hmm. Right now that would be nice. But, I know what you mean. Too much of a good thing isn't always good. It looks like you are having a good time with family and friends. FYI...Studied with Esperanza this morning and had a good study. She misses you and is happy you will be back in a few weeks. Miss you both terribly....hasta luego.

Chad and Michele said...

Sorry, we are definitely the 'token' poor people of the bunch....
Let us talk to 'Big Daddy' Doug and see how much money he can come up with....We'll get back to ya! Hang in there!

The Scottys said...
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The Scottys said...

Chad & Michele
Hey can we share your "Big daddy doug too!
*McClesky team,
Wow its only been a few days now and you missing ya gringo friends.
There are only 5 weeks to go before we allow them to come back!!

Rebecca McCleskey said...

You guys are nuts! But, it looks like fun.

catherine said...

Let me assure you it is only the Tauranga bunch that behave like that. We people from down south are much more stable.

Marisa said...

Hahahaha! You guys are crazy. ;)

The Kinlocher's said...

Catherine I am sure that had you been here you would have been in the thick of it all! Besides who taught us I wonder - afterall you are the oldest my dear!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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