Monday, February 9, 2009

Home Coming

We even found a Mexican sitting in the corner   
Yep we made it and with only one little hiccup. We arrived at the airport in Cuenca for our flight down to Guayaquil to find that the airline had changed the schedule (without letting ticket holders know) - thank goodness Chad and Michele were with us cause they helped us get the last plane on a different airline. We had to race across a four lane road, pay for the ticket and race back again - give C & M a quick hug goodbye and run to the plane! I made the comment to Mark that hopefully that would be the worst thing that happened and it was. - the rest of the trip was pretty easy. I was a bit annoyed that my plan of taking a sleeping pill and sleeping all the way didn't work though. I only slept 3 hours! Mark on the other hand didn't take any thing and slept 10 hours.
I had told the kids not to come to the airport until at least 5am as it would take us a while to get through customs etc so when we just breezed through and out by 4.30 am, it was an anti-climax as they weren't waiting for us. Finally they arrived and we then faced 2 and 1/2 hour car trip back to Tauranga. Maureen (Marks mum) had decorated the trees with yellow streamers and made a huge sign so it was fun.
Today Mark went out witnessing with his dad and came home telling me I would sure miss Cuenca when I get to go out. The apathy is still here unfortunately. 


The Scottys said...

*Wow wat an awesum homecoming and a beautiful morning you arrived home to in tauranga.
Of course I just had to give beth a quick phone call to see if they were really back in Tauranga.
*Beth spanish sounded supreme
Sorz i dont have the paitence of Job!!
*We look forward to catching up with you both soon!

catherine said...

Welcome home Beth and Mark. great to talk to you on the phone. Will be up to visit you next weekend.