Saturday, June 6, 2009

And so it begins...

The dog that lives in the lot lends a paw too.

Chad gets down to it with the limited tools they have

Our KH is getting a remodel - it's the oldest in Cuenca being about 20 years old. Today the work began with the building of the bodega - (storage shed). It had to be close to the site and this lot was found about 5 minutes walk away. Problem is - it is only a lot and they need a covered area. So in true Ecuadorian style - last night Mark and Chad found out that today they had to build a suitable shed. Of course that meant first clearing the site and thankfully Chad has some sway with the young guys in the congo so he was able to russle up some help at the last minute. Mark looks a little dubious of the tamales
Morning tea consisted of Tamales (made by a very kind sister from another congo)- a mixture of cornmeal, meat, eggs and vegetables wrapped up in banana leaves and cooked. They are very good actually - very tasty. Hope the guys can cope with the fried rice for lunch that Michele and I have been slaving over for the past 2 hours. We are not too certain of our abilities when it comes to pleasing the Ecuadorian palate!

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kambelina said...

Thank you for posting about the remodel, I hope to keep up on what is going on via blog.