Thursday, June 25, 2009

So here's how the empanadas looked as they were being fried first thing this morning. I have to say while they were ok - I wouldn't rave about them and they certainly were not worth all the bother.
Mark is on the mend although he has lost a lot of weight (some people have it good) - he went back to work today although he still wasn't feeling 100%. Chad too was working so it seems us gringo's are back on deck. We girls in the kitchen are still doing a lions share of the work but hopefully there will be some changes as the brother in charge of the construction team has noticed that we are there making and serving every meal and doing the dishes as well. Of course it is a privilege and I am not really moaning - just venting.
Tonight though - I was much more comfortable with the preparation of dinner, as Pizza was requested. Finally I could make something without having to ask for directions - I think they went down well too so I am happy.


The Scottys said...

*bethy-boo its totally fine to vent!
especially when your cooking, cleaning all the time and your back is bent!!!
*Hebrews 6;10 is how jehovah views us all,
your fine example to others will help them not to spiritually FALL!
*reading your bloggs helps me to appreciate the hard work you all do,
and that because of the truth if I was imprisoned I hope it would be with you.
*Not only would I have the holy spirit to keep me strong,
but I would have you to help me stay out of satans throng!
*So our dear girls keep your beaming, smiling pretty faces up high,
Your so busy cooking/cleaning you don't have to worry about the food going to your thigh!!!
Thinking of you in spanishland.

good morning Julie P.

Marcos y Elizabet said...
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Lisa said...
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Marcos y Elizabet said...

I would like to apologize if I have in any way implied that the brothers and sisters are not supporting the build here. Of course they are and my blogs have been from my perspective only and no doubt from my extreme tiredness.
As I said it is a privilege and I am happy to help in anyway possible for these people to have a beautiful Salon del Reino for their praise of Jehovah.

Lynne said...

You are doing a great job - but it is hard to give your best if you are so tired! So rest up a bit - I'm sure things will be better from now on! Wishing we could be there to help you - know that we are thinking of you!

The Scottys said...
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