Friday, June 19, 2009


Michele got quite a surprise when she pulled the chicken out of the bag - thankfully another sister was on hand to do the honors - otherwise I think we would have had trouble getting the head off without being sick!
This lady must have a stomach of steel - she has cut up so many chickens in the last two days - she deserves a medal!

Interesting job we had to do today - peel the outer husk off chick peas. Talk about mind numbing - an hours worth of work for 4 of us just so the beans looked better - oh please!!!

By the way - I think I found out what Jefa (boss) really means - chief dishwasher!
Three people didn't turn up for their shift today at lunchtime so we had to wash the dishes again - it took us till 3 pm - not really what you want to do after a 6am start!


The Scottys said...

*Kath and Kim totally gross to see,
Thank goodness we have KFC (Kai for cousins) is for me!!
*Your endurance and paitence is something to be admired,
Just as well those who dont turn up wont get fired!
*At least tonight we can sit down with friends and enjoy our MEAL,
Wow looking at those chickens you got to have a stomach of STEEL!lol
*With every little sweat and hard work that you do,
The blessings of jehovah is what always come back to you!proverbs 10:22

Keep up the awesome work Beth girl and Marcos our dear friends

Marisa said...

Ewwww - that is disgusting! You guys are doing a good job, though. Keep it up! ;)

Maureen and Lloyd said...

you are both experiencing the real thing, as thats what our Mothers did years ago, but they had to get the inards out as well, Father chopped its head off and mums did the rest so you are just goimng back in time, so enjoy the experience Michelle looks as if she iscryin

Maureen and Lloyd said...

michelle looks as if she is enjoying the experience must have pushed wrong buttons sorry Michelle

Lynne said...