Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kitchen Kapers

The other day Michele was telling me how it's the done thing to try the food as it is cooking by putting the spoon in the pot, take a taste, then return the spoon to the pot. Ewwwh! We were hoping that the sister here to train us would put a stop to that practice but I cracked up when she did the exact same thing - even offering me a taste, then returning the spoon to the soup!
Everyone seems to have a different idea as to how things are cooked so it is a continual battle for Carina (boss lady). She is very patient though and goes with the flow. She is only here for 2 weeks and then Michele is on her own. I say that it is her on her own and not me because I would have absolutely no show telling these woman what to do.
So the schedule is this: Be at the kitchen by 6am and get prepared for breakfast, which usually involves frying something in copious amounts of oil. There are 10 on the team so breakfast is not so bad really. Lunch starts getting made at 8.30am. It always a soup first then a plate of rice with meat of some sort, salad, fresh juice and maybe a dessert. I thought I had a good plan after lunch today when I started washing the trays (we fed about 40 for lunch) so I could go home early. Ended up doing all the washing so won't be rushing to do that again. At 3 cooking starts again. And it is another plate of rice, meat and salad. Of course most of the brothers have gone home to their wives by dinner time so it's not as mad. We understand these guys have to be fed properly but they are pretty picky - one guy even refuses vegetables! It's a little annoying.
So only the second day in and I have broken all my nails from all the washing dishes. Incidentally they have to be rinsed first, washed, then passed through boiling water as the tap water may be contaminated, so it is a long process. I also have the sorest back cause all table and sinks are made for Ecuadorian size people - and I am definitely not that size!
Roll on July!


The Scottys said...

KITCHEN KAPERS KATH & KIM in Ecuador, thats who you both remind me of Beth lol.

Wow where have I been for the past few days!
You certainly have a lot going on in your life Beth!

Yuck those potatoes soundz gross, if they want it to go further put raw eggs in them it certainly will save lots of butter and milk and you get more protein.
Keep up the great work Amigos you are a true gems in the congregation.

Lynne said...

Oh Beth - what a BIG job you have - you and Michelle better plan a holiday after this stint! Choose somewhere where you can get good back massages (and perhaps a manicure)! Hang in there!