Thursday, June 11, 2009


Sometimes you can really see Jehovah's hand in what happens. Today for instance, I was with Michele and we were assigned not-at-homes, separate from the rest of the group. We were working a block with not many houses on so we decided to cross the road and do the two houses there first. The first house was actually a place with 3 apartments and I noticed a girl on the second balcony. So I called out to her - but she said she didn't have time. So I then asked if she would mind me leaving a tract in the gate for her to come and get and read when she did have time. She signaled that she would come down and get it, which was unusual. The door opens but it was another lady, who is about to leave - so Michele stepped up to take her as I would be busy with the girl when she came. (Turns out they were actually mother and daughter). The mother had a very fierce look on her face and the first thing she said to Michele is that she did not believe there was a god. Of course that is something very unusual here - they are all very religious! Michele, with her excellent way with words got to the bottom of the woman's problems and had an awesome discussion with her and the daughter.
The problem for this poor lady was one very similar to what we have heard so much of before i.e: the husband has gone to the States to work (usually illegally) and up until now has been able to send money back to support the family. Of course now there is no work and consequently - no money. On top of this some sleazy old man from the church they were attending has been sniffing around pretending to want to help them but it turns out - he wants to marry the older daughter (she wouldn't be more than 18 at the most). When the mum refused - he has been making life very difficult for them. Apparently he was fairly high up in the church so of course this poor family have no leg to stand on. It was understandable that the woman was so put off.
Anyhow at the end of the discussion - Michele says she would like to come back and share some more texts from the bible, when the woman says would we like to come up now. We ended up sitting in their living room with 2 of her daughters and her mother-in-law and having a 1st study.
As I say - we just felt that today we were directed to this house - the lady was very stressed and sad (the dark glasses she had on were to hide the tears in her eyes) - she did of course believe in God, but because of all the happenings in her life, she had a hard time believing that he cared for her.
Yesterday Mark and I went back to a girl named Flora that I had found about 6 weeks ago. She understands a little english and I promised to return the next week. I did try but could not find her home even though I went back at different times. Last week, we were assigned not-at-homes on her block so of course I tried again. Not home again - so we moved on to the next house. Yep you guessed it - I had been knocking on the wrong gate - because out comes my girl! We arranged to go back yesterday as she really wanted us to talk to her mother. When we got there at 8.30 in the morning as arranged, they were waiting for us and we were with them for 1 and 1/2 hours answering the mum's many questions. I kept saying I would bring back someone who spoke more spanish but they assured me that everything was just fine. So another experience that reminds us why we are here and what a great priviledge we have to be the ones teaching these people the truth.
Thank you to all commented or sent emails after my plug about wanting to hear from you. Special hello to our new friends - Rick and Lisa from Nova Scotia and Isaac - glad you are enjoying reading about our experiences. To anyone out there contemplating serving where the need is great - my advice is to Just Do It! You will never regret your decision and the experiences in the ministry you will no doubt have, will be absolutely amazing. Of course I would like to suggest that you all come to Ecuador, but I am sure other places would be just as awesome.
P.S Isaac - in answer to your question - I use Adobe Premier Elements for making movies but Windows Movie Maker is a good start off program (it's on everyones computer)


kambelina said...

What amazing and heart touching experiences. They are so helpful to me in keeping focused on getting back to Ecuador. Thank you for sharing them. And you and Mark are far too hard on yourselves. You are doing amazing things over there and your spanish is coming along wonderfully. May Jehovah continue to be with you.

Sara aka Jasmine said...

Thank you for blogging about that experience, it is definitely encouraging, especially to is thinking of serving jehovah somewhere else. I know that had to be very upbuilding to the two of you to be apart of helping someone to come to know and love jehovah after going through what she went through. Keep up the good work!! Please keep us updated about the kingdom hall work...we would love to know what goes on! Miss you all so much.

Chad and Michele said...

Kami is right, you and Mark are such a HUGE asset here in the congregation! And you are making such progress in your spanish. We appreciate all of your efforts and your positive attitude...thanks for being part of our family. Keep the good experiences coming!

The Haines family said...

It is so nice to read about your experiences, gives us a taste of things to come, trust me if we are in your area you will not feel so bad about your Spanish :)

iavillarreal said...

Thank you for your hello and answer to my question. The experience was great! Keep up the great work!