Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dia especial de asamblea

Today was our special assembly day and guess what - after nearly 20 years for Mark being on cleaning and me in the audit department (not for that long but a fair few years) in New Zealand - we both had the exact same jobs and that meant we were last out again! Thankfully Hermano G waited for us to finish to give us a ride home with the rest of the Gringo Team. On the subject of counting money - I have never been so confused in all my life. They do things so differently here and of course there is a bucket load of coin to count so we had a mammoth task. I hope I don't ever get that job again!
Tomorrow I have the day off but poor Mark has to work half the day guarding the bodega - he will get to sleep in just a little though so don't feel too sorry for him! Then on Tuesday we have the CO and his wife coming to stay for 2 weeks. The first week they will be in another congo and the second week with us. Phew - stop the world - I think I want to get off!


The Kinlocher's said...

oh it sounds like you need a holiday - or a good long sleep in.

hope you had a good day and that the next two weeks are not too busy for you all.

Marcos y Elizabet said...

What do you mean the next TWO weeks - the build it at least another FOUR weeks! We will get thru it I am sure - hanging out for our holiday when Aaron comes!