Thursday, June 4, 2009

So today Mark nearly got a baby named after him. That came about as I was with another sister in the mountains this afternoon at the study she has in the native language - Quechua. The daughter of the lady (who looks no more than 15 at the most) has a baby boy, 2 months old and they haven't given him a name yet. They were very interested in my family - who I had showed them a photo of - and then asked me what name I liked. Of course I said "Marcos" (they would never have understood Ryan or Aaron), which they mulled over but then the other sister said she liked Timoteo. It will be interesting to see if they have made a decision next week. Felt so sorry for this young girl as it sounds like the baby is a result of rape and the mother said that is why she left the area they lived in so it did not happen to the other little girl. Who by the way is another cutie and we got on like a house on fire. Anyone back home that knows me - knows I seem to acquire numerous surrogate grandchildren, especially little girls, and it is no different here. I now have lots of little friends running up to me to say hello and give me a hug at the meetings - so it's beginning to feel like home. This little cutey is Dominica and she is adorable. Michele studies with her Mum (she is a reactivated witness, so is at the meetings and out witnessing) and I get to go with her to keep Dominica occupied. Of course I still love my little friends back home - "Hola Tasha, Emily, Molly and Madison - and of course Flynn, Ava, Miller and Tyson, Max, Ethan and Lincoln (legitimate nephews and neices) - hope you haven't forgotten me!"


kambelina said...

She's the cutest!!!!!!!!

The Scottys said...

*No chance of the girls forgetting you back here AUNTY BETH!
The little cutie will fit in so well with our girls back here in bethlehem.
Glad to see other little ones are giving you hugs!