Friday, August 29, 2008

1st day of Spanish DC

Very tired tonight - 1st day of the convention en espanol. It hard work I can tell you - thank goodness for the notes I took at the English convention!
We were picked up this morning by our faithful "G" but he wasn't able to bring us home tonight so we have just endured a ride home on 2 buses - at night they are always full and I don't know what happened to chivalry or them respecting old age - we stood for part of the ride (hard work in high heels).
Was assigned to toilets this morning - yep Ecuadorians have a little bit of learning to go in that department - glad the job is over for the weekend. Not a very rico job I have to say.
Had to do cleaning after the last session too but was happy to work - got me out of having speak spanish to anyone else.


The Scottys said...

Oh dear I hope you don't have to go through that ordeal again on the buses over the next 2 days, a little hint beth take a small cushion with you stuff it under your top act as you are pregnant surely they will give way!!
It's sounds sneaky but don't be afraid,The spainsh people love miracles don't they?
This is something that I would probably do and not you, the other honest suggestion is to take a pair of flat shoes!
Enjoy the rest of the Espanol convention despite the language that is spoken, you are totally reaping proverbs 10:22 as the bible has spoken!!

catherine said...

Are you able to follow along with your english notes while spanish is spoken keep up the good work I will wave as I fly over tonight