Monday, August 11, 2008

District Convention Video and Photos

I have also thrown on a view photos for those of you that can't see the video. Truly was an awesome and encouraging experience. The convention had an international feel to it with 26 countries represented. We personally met people from England, Australia, USA, Venezuela, Peru, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Japan, Canada, Ecuador (Galapagos Islanders too) and of course other Kiwis!


85 Kinlocher's said...

Can't beleive I beat Alice. She must be too tired after our convention!
The photos and video were great thank you very much for giving us insight into your convention. Do they hire a stadium? What was the total attendance there for you - ours was over 4000 for the peak.
I certainly would love to come there one day - a year from now perhaps....
I suppose once you did your speaking on the stage other kiwis came out of the woodwork and looked for you huh?
take care and have a great day in Ecuador

Mark and Beth said...

The peak attendance was 1200 - that was on Sunday, when there was a lot of Ecuadorians visiting. The other 2 days - 1000 odd. The convention is held at the Bethel - that is the assembly hall they have there. Yep you gotta get here next year!

The Milroys said...

Wow!Can feel the joy and the love seeping from the other side of the world through the computer screen. What a joy for you and for us, that we can share it with you. What wonderful provisions and blessings Jehovah provides for us.

The Scottys said...

Thought I would pave the way, for the kinlochers to have the first say!lol
55 young and old were baptised on Saturday,beth how many were there your way!
One of them were toss & michelle son, what a joy it must have been for dad & mum.
Amanda's part was a tear jerker to listen to, what a fine example and commendation to both of you!
Loved the photos, video and your interview on stage, many kiwis are probably thinking of coming over you are starting a new RAGE!
Hope you had a great day in Ecuador, look forward to seeing and reading more!
arohanui xxxx

Mark and Beth said...

Hey Scotty's
Only three young fellers were baptized at the English assembly which was more than they usually have. Reason is of course - no studies come to the english convention so these guys were children of need greaters. We have our spanish one at the end of August so that will be a different story. There are 3 District Conventions in Cuenca itself.
Love to you all