Tuesday, August 12, 2008

La Costa

This is a quick tour of the coast - it is very different from being in the mountains - in fact there is a bit of prejudice between the two places. Coast people say mountain people are dirty and mountain people say coast people are lazy! It seems to us that they are not lazy just so hot that they have to lie about in their hammocks to get through the hottest part of the day. Everyone knows each other and Maria and Bernice seem to be very safe there. Mark reckons it would be too much effort for anyone to break into the girls house anyway! One thing I did not like was the buses - they felt very claustrophobic - different from the buses here in Cuenca.
We had the best time with the two chicas and they are well loved by the congo.


Marisa said...

Whoa - was that a dead wolf?!

And those crabs looked a lot like giant spiders (shudder).

Apart from that, La Costa looks quite nice. ;)

85 Kinlocher's said...

That was great to see- thanks for the tour..
But I have one question...

The Scottys said...

Have no fear my dear friend Ann alice is here, Chiiling out enjoying ones comments the pictures and videos of the team over there!
Hey Marisa love the photo its nice seeing a picture to the name, Roast guinea pigs, dead carcass,& vultures doesnt seem inviting but i do love the crabby Game!
Guy's our picture of the mule looks more lively then yours, guess he needed a rest after all those chores!
Hearing your voices was great and sad, hello to bernice and love to Maria can see the great time you all had!
Look forward to watching the video on Whales, im off to town to see the bargain and sales!!
Keep up the great work!!