Sunday, August 24, 2008

Keeping my reputation for tripping over myself in tact!

Well I finally did it and I made a huge fool of myself when I did it too. Yep I fell over!

On the way to the territory this morning along with 5 others I mis-steped and went for such a skate! Down I came, books and bag scattering as I did and then ended up sprawled over the pavement. Of course everyone rushed around me and I jumped up in attempt to save my dignity but I had shaken myself up so much tears came to my eyes and I couldn't stop them for a while. I wanted to go home but that would have meant the new hermana I was going to be working with would have been by herself so I soldiered on for an hour. I only have a few bumps and bruises - on my already weak knees - and a sore neck so it could have been worse.

Mark suggested somewhat unkindly I thought - that he could buy me a walking stick!!! The cheek of the man!


catherine said...

Oh Dear how embarassing. I am sure your pride was more hurt than your bones were.But it does shake you up.
Hope you are feeling better now Lotsalove

The Scottys said...
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The Scottys said...
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The Scottys said...

Can see that Mark hasn't really changed, when he mentioned the Walking stick I hope he was out of range!
Sorry that you tripped and you felt shameless about the sight, No worries your looking great your fall would have been graceful and light!
Okay those readers who think i may sound like im a greaser, hey write me your blogg & I will add you to my list of teasers!lol
Seriously when all is said and done, Beth my dear when it comes to tripping you do rank number 1.
But you rank number 1 when the going is rough, can always rely on you 100% in all aspects of life when the going is tough.
No more falls in spanish land is that crystal clear? next time it happens I want it to be in our arms over here!!!
Beth (lol A website for Ann and I sounds like a plan, BUT WE LOVE YOUR SITE IT'S REALLY GRAND!!
Of course there are meetings and phone where we can talk,but i like it this way cause I can't see her get up & walk. )tee hee

The Scottys said...

Sorz Marcos & Beth

Mark and Beth said...

Alicita su es muy chistosa!

I actually like seeing you and Anns comments so no you are not allowed a site of your own!

Thanks for the nice words you always say to us - me gusta mucho!

The Milroys said...

Never mind Beth. At least you're consistent!! You knew I'd have a laugh! I'm pleased you didnt injure yourself though. Please dont attempt running okay? Walking is enough of an adventure sport for you! LOL!! (sorry, couldnt resist!) xx

Mark and Beth said...

Tee - ha ha ha! Funny aren't you - NOT!
Nah just joking - you were the first one I thought of as I was typing the story out. I thought - yep Tee will appreciate this.
Have a good day mi amiga xxxx

The Kinlocher's said...

Tears down your face
Oh that is so sad
And fellow witnesses saw the sight
They certainly would have felt bad
At least you can still walk
With hopefully your head held high
And the bruises will soon fade
next time you fall you should just sigh
You seem have such a lot of crashes
The others probably chatted about the poor gringo
However they would be kind no doubt
Coz now they know you know the lingo!
They wouldn't say anything
unkind thats for sure
Besides if they did they might
see you guys wave from the shore
I can't think how to continue
this silly old poem or rhyme
But I really must go
As its nearly tea time.

BY ALICE (Hi Karen - hey how come you never add to the blog?)

The Scottys said...

Ann: Your poem is Supremo did faith help you write it?

Beth: Usted bienvenido amigo!
Also there is a fraudster on your bloggs who is impersonating me!!
Please sort her out!!lol

Karen:Just as well you don't add to the blogg.
You will end up like Ann & I being Hogg on the blogs!lol

The Kinlocher's said...

ahhh Alice you sussed me (and us)out
I get mum to write poems while I'm out and about
She pretents to be sick so that she can lie in bed
recording expressions and other things to be said
so every night we sit and we plot - that is Ann and her Mum
then we check out the blog to see what Alice has done
And boy are we happy when she has written a verse
Then we 'fingers to keys' as quick as we can - but nothing too terse
Something long and rather rambling and oh so boring
Soon the house of Scottys will be snoring
Then finally and hopefully its at the end of the day
And Alice is alseep and we can have the last say!!!!!!
Didn't want to disappoint you Alice by not replying

Marisa said...

What is with all the rhyming???

The Scottys said...

You see it started with me all this rhyme,
Then Ann joined in to have good time!
Although she said it was doing her head in, when i see her she has smirky grin!
Its a way I express my thoughts better through rhymes, it helps me to reflect the bloggs of Marcos & Beth time!
So what started out as 1 then 2 now 3, I like to welcome faith to our ryhming family.
So Marisa there will be plenty more, who knows you could me member 4!!