Monday, August 25, 2008

How do you like my new outfit?

Mark thought I needed to go native!


The Scottys said...

Pipi long stocking with the hair, and the hips seemed way out there!
The colour was rather loud, but can see you were wearing it proud!
Perhaps you can try another colour and smaller size, to bring out your lovely shape and blue eyes!!
Any chance of seeing Mark behind the picture screen, I promise you I will try not to scream!!lol
You truly are a whizz at the rhyming now,
Two heads are better than one great to see Faith showing you how!!!lol

The Kinlocher's said...

Hola looks like you ate too much McDs Beth - more walking required I am afraid. I agree with AS Mark needs to get behind a picture as well...

The Scottys said...

ANN: Your funy too many McDs lol it might be the odd GUINEA BURGER KING SHE MAYBE HAVING IN SECRET!!
Morena Marcos & beth

catherine said...

Oh no you have gone all Ecuadorean i am afraid i dont like it.

Mark and Beth said...

I have to say the woman that wear these kind of things don't do much for themselves - they are usually short and squat so it makes them look so much bigger in the hips. And the other thing we have learned - if they need to take a leak - they just squat down and let go - obviously they don't wear undies!!!

Blaine and Sharon said...

What I want to know is did you tip the tip jar?

Marisa said...

Bootiful!!! :D

The Scottys said...

WOW the comments on this blogg site is really buzzin"
How are you doing nana faith(lol) and Ann me Cuzzin?

P.S Ann ask faith why I call her nana, she will tell you it has something to do out in field service!!

I think we need to put these women into "America next top model", the icky thought of them not wearing undies so they can leave a puddle!
You both encourage us so much with what you have done with your lives, it helps me visulise the various cultures living in unity in Paradise!

Mark and Beth said...

Sharon - are you kidding - I have a reputation to uphold of not paying for photos! Especially in touristy places. Even 5 cents goes a long way here!