Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Fog is Lifting!!

I had such a great morning this morning! I really felt in control because I could understand what the householders were saying to me and was able to answer them back. It is like a 4 month long fog in my brain finally lifting. Also what made me exceptionally happy was I found a girl who I had started a study with back in June again. I had first met her and her husband at their metalwork shop and placed a book with them (if you are reading this Chad - you may remember, you were with me and I had been chickening out all morning until you made me talk!). I had about 5 studies with her and then she was not at the shop anymore and so I had just about given up. This morning though I called on her house and she said that she stopped going to the shop cause it was too loud for her baby there. Yes - she still wanted a study so we have made an appointment for Friday! I am so happy to have found her!
Anyway by the end of the morning I had placed 9 mags and 2 brochures and arranged to visit all of them again.I even found one man who I will take Mark back to as he speaks English. Fantastico!!


Blaine and Sharon said...

Good to talk to you this morning on the computer. Sounds like you had a productive morning out witnessing. Keep it up!

catherine said...

Your enthusiasm spills all the way over here to us. I hope one day I can have the same amazing experiences you are having, even if it is a on a minute scale. Lots love to everyone you meet and a huge portion for yourselves

altiro said...

Felicidades. Yo se lo que significa aprender un idioma nuevo y para mi ha sido muy dificil.
Your faith and your work are very encouraging to me.

Mark and Beth said...
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Mark and Beth said...

Catherine - a minute scale is better than nothing I am sure. Can't wait to show you around.

Altiro: gracias por sus comentarios. ¿De dónde usted es?

The Scottys said...

Altiro: understand what you are saying I have enough difficulty learning my own language.


Love the experiences and videos Mark and beth, as the scripture says "the meek and mild shall inherit the earth.
Hope mark and gareth kept their hats, the boy's starting a trend don't know what you wives think about that!
Good on ya beth see you are starting to get tough on bargains and deals, you cracked me up when you said to the lady no 5 cents for
the photo GET REAL!
Your language speaking is sounding natural and pure, at first I thought it was the other sister and not your's.
Maddy loved the bird and said she will like one in paradise, makes a change from her wanting it now growing up too fast before our eyes.
You both are looking healthy, great its easy to tell, we love the new profile photo shows you have settled in well.
Your sincerity and love for Jehovah is what draws people to the message you know,YOU planted, apollos watered and good keeps making it grow!
Thank you for your bloggs you send our way, we look forward to the time when you come home one DAY!

altiro said...

Sorry, altiro = Ruben Badilla :D

Mark and Beth said...

Hey Ruben ¡Yo lo siento - yo debo de haber sabido quién era! ¿Cómo está nuestro hermano? ¿Cuándo está viniendo nosotros a ver?

altiro said...

I want to, but I couldn't in agoust; I wanted to go for the English Convention, but in same week I had the circuit visit.

The Kinlocher's said...

That is fantastico indeed. Loved the bird.
So the fog has finally lifted - we all knew it would. Enjoy amigos.

Hey Alicia - he estado teniendo lecciones. ¿Cómo usted me piensa está haciendo? Agradable verle en la reunión anoche.

The Scottys said...

Ann: Eso es fantástico ir chica dura, se puede preguntar si puede ayudar con ryhmes. abrazos para ti y la fe!
It was good to see you too! Hope faith is well give her our love.